Sports Event

Our treatments are so much more than a luxurious treat.

They have proven to make a tremendous difference in peoples overall well-being.

All our massage are tailored to each individual need.

Our highly skilled and experienced therapists will adapt to your schedule and perform the treatments at your preferred location. You can now feel more energised and empowered than ever during the competition with our high-end range of treatments.


Our pre-event massage is performed on the day of the event or competition for about 10 to 15 minutes. Only the principle muscles for the competition are treated to stimulate them.

It will be a none invasive massage as we don’t want to take the chance of injuring or pulling a muscle. Some of the techniques that will be used are friction to heat up the superficial tissue, compression to increase blood flow to the muscles and tapotement to stimulate the muscles.

The goal is to have the athlete perform at their best by leave the table feeling prepared and energised for the competition.


Sports massage during the competition can be extremely helpful as it will enable you to quickly restore energy levels, balance psycho-emotional state, prevent injury, cramps, spasms, and relieve pain in case of micro-trauma or chronic problems.

Our massage treatment can vary approximately from 1 – 2 minutes to 15 – 20 minutes depending on the person and the activity that they are performing.


Our post-event massage treatment is administered immediately after the competition for approximately 10 to 15 min with the objective of helping the athlete recover as quickly and effectively as possible after the competition.

All our mobile massage treatments are carefully designed to speed up the athlete’s recovery time from a high intensity activity by flushing out the lactic acid built-up during the competition, reducing post-exercise soreness and re-establish blood flow to tight muscles.


Celebrate your friendships by treating your guests and friends to a magical moment of total relaxation. There is nothing better than a relaxing full body massage after a long day to unwind and recharge your energy levels.

Prepare for a night of fun with our empowering and energising treatments delivered by our highly acclaimed therapists.
Our certified and licensed massage therapist will travel to your location, at your convenience, and deliver an amazing massage experience, fully customised to your needs and preferences. Sophisticated custom blended massage oil, relaxing music and freshly laundered sheets will create the perfect setup to help you and your guests relax.


Enjoy the competition with your friends and family in the best of hands with our unique and sophisticated mobile service. 

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