Our own and exclusive massage Rituals created from scratch after many hours of dedication, training and years of experience.

Each Ritual has been created using a combination of techniques, custom-blended essential oils from Alqvimia, perfumes, chromotherapy and music to generate different sensations and benefits.

A truly unique experience that you find nowhere else.

With love from Celia & Maria


This Ritual lives up to its name. It has been specially designed to top up your energy and increase your suppleness. It focuses on muscular flexibility . It uses pressure techniques applied with artful and accomplished skills to release deep muscle tension and to de-stress the recipient.

Energy life is performed with the sensitivity of custom blended essential thyme and geranium oils, which are natural sources of anti-inflammatory and anti rheumatic properties. They boost vitality and promote relaxation. This Ritual will stimulate your body’s system and balance your life – force energy.

The chromatherapy is represented by the blue colour which contributes to get rid of those tensions and clear your mind. Energy Life is carried out with the soft surrounding sound of asian music selected for us that will make you feel in a relaxed mood.


Imagine a dance of pure happiness where your choreography will run by the expert hands of our most experienced therapists who will guide you into a journey through the inner senses. An infinite mixture of hidden sensations that will fill your soul with happy memories.

This Ritual has been created by Yoma and is inspired by the ancient Balinese traditions. It consists of a combination of active techniques executed with elongated movements and the appropriate pressure according to each area of the body we treat.

Combining the properties of lemon, orange and grapefruit we create a firming effect that will bring freshness and relaxation, and will also tone your skin.


In our daily lifestyle, the need to sleep well is clearly reflected in our everyday actions. If we do not rest properly during the night, the next day the drowsiness does not allow us to be attentive to our activities, resulting in a lack of focus and conditioning our life and our relationships.

Sweet Dreams is a treatment that acts on the sleep apnea that calms the mind, clarifies the ideas and stimulates the repair sleep. This Yoma Ritual will help you relax the central nervous system and alleviate the anxiety accumulated during your daily routine, prevent depression and relieve you of stress and insomnia. You can also benefit from other minor ailments such as headaches and physical stresses.

The aromatherapy used in this balancing massage between body and mind is inspired by the properties of petitgrain, lavender and grapefruit, soothing ingredients, dermo protector and full of harmony that will open your mind to the world of dreams, through a mixture of sensations and senses in an atmosphere of maximum relaxation.


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