Dermo-Intelligent Anti-Ageing Facial

DR. GOBAC®Dermo-Intelligent Anti-Ageing facial treatment uses a synergistic combination of bio-identical lipids, mild surfactants, known-effect botanicals, elastin and biologically advanced ingredients.
It has a two-fold anti-ageing effect on the skin. This powerful treatment contains a complex of polypeptides and botanically derived Bio Boosters resulting in well-toned facial muscles as well as reduced and relaxed expression lines.

The result is an immediate and long-term improvement in the skin texture, elasticity and tone.  Overall line expressions and wrinkles will smooth to give you a more youthful appearance. Highly effective anti-ageing results are achieved by having a weekly facial for eight consecutive weeks.

DR GOBAC® Intense Clarifying TX Facial

The DR. GOBAC® Intense Clarifying TX Facial targets excess oil production, reduces blemishes and calms inflammation.

Powerful botanical extracts act as a natural antibiotic, accelerating healing and preventing scarring.

Leaves skin feeling calm, soothed and healthy.


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