Yoma has been created to satisfy discerning clients who value high quality service delivered by a professional team who pays close attention to detail.

It has been designed as a sophisticated and personal concept of mobile wellness and spa treatments within central London to help you relax and restore the balance in your life.

We wants to share with you the wisdom of peace, tranquillity and harmony through the magic of touch.

All our massages have been specifically created using a holistic approach that works both on the physical and the spiritual body of the individual to maximise the benefits of our treatments.


From a very young age Celia has been passionate about helping people. It all started with her grandmother who taught her different massage techniques but very soon she took over and started giving massages to friends and family.

From there on she has been exclusively dedicated to the wellness industry having trained, worked and studied in different parts of the world.

Her dream was to create a mobile massage services company that is completely focused on individual client’s needs. Her aim is to make a difference in people’s lives and give them the reassurance that with Yoma, they are going to feel completely relaxed and well looked after.

That is why every single little detail is adapted and personalised. Colours, smells, fabrics, sound… everything plays a vital part in making each experience unique and unforgettable.

So this is my story, and here we are about to begin a new chapter of our lives. The future is bright, the future is Yoma – we hope you can join us on the journey.


A principle which has been crystal clear to us from the beginning is that our team is important to us. We look after them so they can look after you. Yoma´s philosophy applies to all its employees. Our business model is based on excellency, a strong work ethic and a continuous improvement system.

All our therapists have gone through a rigorous screening and training process to meet Yoma’s highest standards along with strict client confidentiality. They have been selected not only for being highly qualified, licensed and insured but also due to their passion, love and dedication to the wellness industry. Happy and caring people with positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles!


Yoma is a socially-committed company who care passionately about equal rights. We firmly believe that a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.

When you book our services you will be contributing 3% of the cost to a range of foundations and charities we work with throughout the year.

Together we will make a difference!

Follow us in our social media to see what we are up to and how your contribution can help shape peoples lives.

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